RDA in Austria

RDA Austria
First wave

The Austrian node will be run by RDA Austria which is an association gathering individual members from various Austrian research institutions, as well as institutional members. The priorities in the workplan are to mitigate the full range of technical, organisational, and cultural challenges that currently discourage open and effective sharing of publicly funded research data assets. RDA Austria strives for orderly growth and would like to go beyond the academic field and specifically address people from public and industrial data centres, domain scientists as well as representatives from funding organisations and politics.

The primary goal of RDA Austria is not to create a platform just for meetings and knowledge exchange, but rather to go for more practical approaches. The node will initiate adoption projects to disseminate outputs from RDA global initiatives on a national level, while at the same time ensuring that input collected at the national level is fed into the global RDA initiatives. RDA Austria also wants to avoid replication of existing projects and initiatives. It will organize events and trainings that promote best practices in research data management, effectively providing an incubation space for the development of shared services and common standards, including policy development, data management planning and infrastructure interoperability requirements.