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Criterion 1: 
Comments Criterion 1: 

The candidate is doing his PhD in Research Data Management within the field of Digital Humanities and has a very good profile, fully in line with the RDA activities. He is working as a data manager at the Data Center for the Humanities (DCH) at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Cologne. The candidate is fully involved in Research Data Management and would certainly gain in participation in the Plenary, where he will choose one or two groups to work with.

Criterion 2: 
Comments Criterion 2: 

The English is excellent and very pleasant to read.

Criterion 3: 
Comments Criterion 3: 

The candidate understands the European Data Infrastructures landscape, through many workshops organized by the GO FAIR Initiative.  He is a founding member of the international GO FAIR Data Stewardship Competence Centers Implementation Network (DSCC-IN) and Coordinator of the German Chapter of the DSCC-IN. He also was I was partly involved in formation processes and the application of domain specific consortia, that will be also connected to European research data infrastructures, e.g. the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)