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Criterion 1: 
Comments Criterion 1: 

Skills and activities are poorly described in the candidate CV, as well as in the submission form. We understand that the PhD subject is macro economy, that research is mostly based on Madison database, World Bank, Eurostat, but no indication on the precise activity on these databases.Apart from "broadening the horizons in many ways", the expected benefits are not convincingly described, neither the future involvement in working groups which remains fuzzy.

Criterion 2: 
Comments Criterion 2: 

The English is good, but not tremendous.

Criterion 3: 
Comments Criterion 3: 

The candidates claims that she "supports" all platforms who tends to create a trusted environment for research data.However, no evidence is provided. The candidates recognizes that she has "never been involved in any activity or initiative related to European Data Infrastructure or Open Science agenda".