RDA CoreTrustSeal adopted by the Strasbourg astronomical Data Centre CDS

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Strasbourg astronomical Data Centre CDS (Centre de Données astronomique de Strasbourg) services are widely used by the worldwide astronomical community. The one million queries per day in 2018, shows that it is considered as fully trustworthy in the disciplinary context. When the World Data System (WDS) defined its criteria for Regular membership, CDS considered it important to join this community, which was initially Earth Sciences and Astronomy. This was done in 2012. A few years later, CDS applied to the Data Seal of Approval (DSA), which it obtained in 2014—the first time the Seal was granted to a repository from the physical science domain. The application preparation led CDS to check its processes and describe them end-to-end, a useful exercise, and their  authorities were appreciative of the certification by external, recognized bodies. It was then only a natural step to apply for CoreTrustSeal when it was time to renew the DSA in 2018.

Evaluation of the repository trustworthiness by an external, recognized body is an important asset. It can be put forward to the repository authorities and users. Depositing data in a certified repository is a positive point in data management plans and certification will encourage data providers to deposit data in the repository. Dr. Françoise Genova,  Senior Researcher, CDS, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg


WDS was initially constituted from data providers from the Earth Science and astronomy communities, and was then a natural host for CDS certification. It was also well fit because it fully considered data services: the CDS core mandate is to provide services to the science community, and being a sustainable data repository is somehow a collateral consequence of the provision of value-added services on the long term. CDS obtained the Seal in 2014. Applying for the CoreTrustSeal, based on the RDA Repository Audit and Certification Cataloguesrecommendation, which merges DSA and WDS requirements and procedures, was then a natural step when it was time to renew the DSA.