RDA CoreTrustSeal Adopted By The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)

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The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) was launched as a new national infrastructure in June 2015. We developed our research infrastructure hand in hand with the Data Seal of Approval requirements, receiving the Seal soon after our launch. This has facilitated the CoreTrustSeal certification process in 2018 although completing a thorough assessment of one’s work across a range of challenging categories is no small task. It required input from all members of the organisation, efforts to align policies, decisions about what statements/documents should be published, and fixes to technical and organisational processes.

The certification by CoreTustSeal created a common goal to rally around, it improved what we do, and it provided a way for different aspects of the organisation to exchange information and debate best practices. We reviewed and updated our policies and procedures and were one of the first organisations to be awarded the new CoreTrustSeal early in 2018. The fact that the CTS was built in a bottom-up way through the large and diverse network of the Research Data Alliance builds confidence in its fitness to purpose, which is ultimately to ensure the trustworthiness of a repository’s data stewardship over time. Natalie Harrower, Director Digital Repository of Ireland


DRI clustered the requirements into three groups; policy, organisational and technical, and assigned a staff member to lead each requirement. The responses were discussed within the appropriate task-force. Similarly, the responses from the CoreTrustSeal organisation to our application were discussed within task-forces and across the team. A key ‘side-benefit’ of the CoreTrustSeal application process is that it facilitated structured discussion across all areas of the organisation, and encouraged staff to learn more about other elements of DRI not directly in their daily purview.