RDA in Portugal

First wave

The Portuguese node will be run by INESC TEC (Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science), a research institute associated to the University of Porto. INESC TEC provides the logistic support for the node while the InfoLab group manages the communication and the decision-making processes There are 8 organisations involved in the node and the Portuguese funding agency, FCT.  The priorities of the RDA in Portugal node workplan are first the construction of a Portuguese RDA community that will accommodate individuals and organisations, with a special focus on disciplinary infrastructures, and second the collaboration with FCT, the national funding agency, in the design of a sustainable, lightweight RDA interface model.

The node activities will build a Portuguese community and thereby foster strong international connections. Node members will be able to follow Portuguese initiatives, be aware of international results and adopt them. Equally important, the node will weave an image of the data needs in the Portuguese community, which will be incredibly valuable to inform the initiatives of the FCT. These needs may also be a relevant source of information for future  RDA strategy.
I look forward to seeing, at a larger scale, what I have observed over and over in the small research groups where I have worked with research data. When data creators sense that solutions in data management, besides solving immediate administrative problems, value their data and treat them as first-class objects, they can be generous with their time and provide surprising insights. I look forward to those insights! Cristina Ribeiro, INESC TEC, University of Porto