Frequently Asked Questions

No Call

Hello, I am very interested in applying for the financial support to Early Career European Researchers & Scientists at the 14th RDA Plenary Meeting. When I was trying to fill in the application form, I was a little bit confused by the 'Title of your application'. Does it just mean my title (and name maybe)? I'd be grateful if you could help clarify it a bit. Many thanks.

In the field "Title of Application" you are free to add your name or highlight specific topics or the focus of your application. All options are good. Note that all your applicant details including full name and email will be sourced automatically from your user profile on the website, so make sure that the information is accurate and up to date. 

I have applied for the call for early career at the RDA 14th Plenary. I send you this e-mail just to ask a brief question. I have a doubt about these criteria ('Required to display a poster summarising their studies and areas of interest during the plenary meeting'). Do I have to submit a poster before the deadline that is next Friday? Or maybe the presentation of the poster is required independently if the candidate is selected but I am not sure. 

In case you are selected, you will be asked to prepare a poster presenting your research activities and interest for the other members of the RDA community to get to know you better! You can submit an application during the general Plenary Call for Posters or you can submit it at a later point in time once you have been informed of the grant programme results. Since the general Call for Posters closes before the grant evaluation period we will make sure a later application session will be available for the grantees.